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Richland R-IV School District

714 E. Jefferson

Richland, MO 65556

Phone: 573-765-3241

Fax: 573-765-5552

The Richland R-IV School District is accepting bids for the 2020-2021 school year in the following areas: dairy, lawn maintenance, and diesel fuel.   Richland R-IV reserves the right to reject any or all bids.   Bids will be accepted through June 11 at noon and may be sent to: 

Brian Lee, Superintendent 

Richland R-IV Schools

714 E. Jefferson

Richland, MO 65556

or emailed to 

Bidding Specifications:

Dairy - Total cost per serving of milk and juice varieties, including any cost adjustment features

Diesel Fuel - Total price per gallon including any taxes, freight, and any other adjustments.

Lawn maintenance - We are taking separate bids for the regular campus and the athletic fields.   

Campus - Cost per mow when necessary. This includes weed eating and spraying for weeds.   Grass clippings need to be blown off sidewalks and walkways.   Weeds need to be sprayed on gravel lots and entryways at both schools and the Pea gravel area at the elementary playground as needed.    Bidders will need to have proof of insurance.  

Athletic Fields (Baseball, Softball, and Soccer) - Cost per mow when necessary.   This will generally need to be done more often than the regular campus fields and will be influenced by our athletic schedule.   This will include weed eating the inside and outside of the fenced areas of the fields.     We also need our baseball and softball fields drug before contests and this needs to be a part of the submitted bids.