Internet Hot Spot

                                                        orange bear paw.jpg

                                          Richland R-IV School District

                                          714 E. Jefferson

                                          Richland, MO 65556

                                          Phone: 573-765-3241

                                          Fax: 573-765-5552

We have extended our WiFi to the Gravel Parking lot at the high school for students/parents to access assignments from teachers.  By law, all inquiries/searches will be monitored by the Technology Department and recorded for your protection. Please use this opportunity for educational purposes only.  All other uses will be prohibited and the device will be exempt at the next attempt if misused.

This WiFi will be available from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. daily.

The first time you log in on your phone/computer or chromebook at the school parking lot you will need to find the Bear_Guest WiFi option on your device.   When you attempt to enter this option you will find that it will ask you for a password. That password is gobears20 with all lowercase letters. You will only need to enter this password the first time you use a device unless it may be changed in the future.   

Please be patient as the network assigns you an IP address.  A screen with a bear paw will appear and the warning of R-U-Secure.   This will scan your device to make sure you are secure to use the network.  

The password here will also be gobears20. 

The third screen will be our filtering system that will keep you safe and allow you to go to appropriate sites, remember this will also send email/text warnings if inappropriate sites are attempted to be viewed.  The log in for this site is bear and the password is gobears20. You are allotted a 2 hour time limit to access the internet to work on your assignments.  


You are now ready to go and complete your assignments.  Please do not leave your car, and do not congregate in large numbers in the parking lot to keep our social distancing.


Thank you,


Brian Payne, Director of Technology

p.s.  Recap

1st log in is to the WiFi on your device (this will only be necessary one time per device)


      password is


2nd log in is  to R-U-Secure

      password is


3rd is the Cipa Filter

       log in is   


       password is